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Something for Everyone!

North Hollywood Church of Religious Science offers many ways to connect. Join us for in-person or online Sunday and Wednesday services, volunteer opportunities, and classes and workshops designed to help you enjoy a more spiritually centered life!


After an extended time of physical isolation and ‘pause’ that we experienced during Covid-19, our NHCRS Community remained strong and connected as we shifted entirely to online platforms like Facebook and Zoom. We are grateful and excited to welcome folks back to our Center as we open to in-person services and we welcome YOU to join in. No matter your background, religious affiliation, or current state of being and feeling, you are welcome here.

We know meeting someone for the first time can be intimidating, whether in person or in an online forum, and we want to help make your first experience of NHCRS, A Center for Spiritual Living, a great one!

What can I expect?

In total, a NHCRS service is about 60 minutes in length. Services begin with the band leading the congregation in music – song lyrics are projected onto the screens if you wish to sing along. After a brief Invocation and Welcome message, one of our ministers will come out to share a thoughtful and inspirational message sharing the teaching of Religious Science.

We tend to be joyous, casual, and relaxed at NHCRS. Typically, we enjoy the alfresco-ness of Southern California by hosting Fellowship on the covered Patio with coffee and treats after each service. We have adapted to this online setting via a “Virtual Patio” gathering on Zoom after each service (and will continue to do so indefinitely). Its a great way to meet people or request a “Miracle Minute” (a one-on-one, private affirmative prayer we call “treatment”.)  We’re a very friendly bunch – come as you are and expect to feel welcomed as our guest.

What about my kids?

We believe that kids should have a blast at church every single week and create a community for each other. Youth Church is open for our 9:45 am service. Children younger than 3 are welcome in our Mommy, Daddy, and Me room in the back of the Sanctuary.

Let us know you're coming!

Ready to check out NHCRS in person? We can’t wait to welcome you in North Hollywood! A parking lot attendant will help direct you to a spot – let them know you are visiting for the first time and they will be the first gracious smile you see! They can direct you to the sanctuary and the Welcome Table on the patio and would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW our page on Facebook! You can join us for a Wednesday or Sunday Service there as well as review past services and catch up with a few quick inspirational video messages. Check out our HOME page to see upcoming activities and classes. 

Still have questions? Send us an email

Service Information

Service Information

We offer two in-person Sunday Services at 9:45 AM and 11:30 AM (masks optional)


We gather on Sundays and Wednesdays for Celebration Services in-person and on Zoom or Facebook or YouTube.

The Zoom Team is available prior to and after the service to host on-line fellowship and to help with any technical questions or difficulties. After service, we invite you to stay and mingle, or partake in a “minute miracle” with a licensed practitioner in a private Zoom Breakout Room or by remaining in the sanctuary after service for an in-person affirmative prayer.

Our Youth Church is open for our 9:45 am service. Children younger than 3 are welcome in our Mommy, Daddy, and Me room in the back of the Sanctuary.

Our Bookstore is open for 30 minutes after Sunday Service, a wonderful collection of books, journals, CDs, gift items.

Before and after each service, our online community meets on the Virtual Patio for conversation, mingling, and Minute Miracles. If you would like affirmative prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment, please let your Zoom host know and they will guide you to a private breakout room with a licensed practitioner.

We maintain an archive of our services on Facebook and YouTube – please visit at any time for spiritual boost!

Wednesday Meditation begins at 6:50 PM and Service begins at 7:00 PM
Meditation and Service are in-person (masks optional) and are also on ZoomFacebook, and YouTube

The Wednesday evening service emerged as a result of a visioning process. Join us and immerse yourself in our vision as the new facets and features of this service help transform your life.

It is our intention for you to experience “An invitation to awaken… revealing the joy of beingness in an intimate, inclusive, and interconnected service celebrating of our divine nature.

Taize Service

Taizé Service begins with Meditation at 6:50 PM 
Meditation and Taizé are in-person and are also on Zoom
Facebook, and YouTube.

Taizé is a service characterized by quiet meditation and the repetition of melodious chants, songs, and inspirational readings. The idea behind Taizé is to practice heartfelt devotion to God through repetition of the music taking one deeper and deeper into the stillness and beauty of God’s presence.

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