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Rev. Dr. Mark Vierra, Staff Minister

Rev. Dr. Mark Vierra has been on a spiritual quest his whole life. After attending the Boston Conservatory of Music and graduating from Emerson College in Boston he moved to California. He discovered Science of Mind through Terry Cole Whittaker Ministries services and classes. He furthered his Science of Mind education at the Hollywood and Redondo Beach Churches. Mark served at the World Ministry of Prayer for several years and worked for the Home Office in downtown Los Angeles. Starting his ministerial training in Los Angeles he completed his practitioner and ministerial training in Huntington Beach. He worked for 3 years at Dr. Peggy Basset’s Huntington Beach CRS in Pastoral Care, Ministry of Prayer and Practitioners.

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“I am at home in the heart of God, my life is anchored in truth.

I can never be separate.

I live in the consciousness of peace. I release all fear.

I am living Love.”

Upon graduation he accepted the assistant minister position at the San Jose Church of Religious Science. Following almost 2 years in San Jose, the North Hollywood Church became his home where he has served as senior minister for 25 years. He has completed the PhD program at Barron University and holds a Doctorate of Divinity from CSL. Mark is an international speaker, past chair of numerous Asilomar conferences, Global Heart Gala’s and CLS Convention. He served on the International Board of Trustees and has taught in the denominations ministerial program.

Today his focus is on building community at the North Hollywood Church. He is passionate about the work of Ernest Holmes, Emma Curtis Hopkins and Rudolph Steiner.

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