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May 15th at 1:00 PM 

The Climate Crisis: California and Its Solutions

Presented by Bess Fanning, Climate Reality Leadership Corps

News headlines continue to remind us we are living in the hottest times ever measured, with increasingly severe consequences. The past seven years have been the seven hottest years ever recorded by weather instruments. Extreme weather events have reached unprecedented levels. And climate refugees marching in caravans have put pressure on our southern border. Why is climate change happening, and what can we do about it? Come learn the latest updates on the science, impacts and solutions. Bring questions and discover how you can participate in the growing number of solutions.

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Bess Fanning is a volunteer public speaker trained personally by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project in 2021 to present the latest facts and findings about the climate crisis. She will share a multimedia presentation with the most recent science, impacts as well as solutions and will answer questions and lead a discussion about what we can do to take action. Bess is an actress and a mother of two young children in Los Angeles. She has solar panels on her roof to provide 100% of her electricity at home, she drives an electric car, and she composts. Always trying to be a good steward of our Earth, you can refer to her as a “green energy nerd.”

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At The Climate Reality Project, the members of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps are our front- line agents for change. These Climate Leaders have been trained by our Chairman, Al Gore, and deliver free Climate Reality presentations in schools, homes, places of worship, businesses, and government forums. Climate Reality presentations educate people about climate change, and build local networks of climate activists who work in their own communities and countries demanding solutions. For more info, visit

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