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 Mission Statement:

Our mission is to empower youth and families with the teaching principles of Ernest Holmes, in a safe and loving environment.

 “Children are the world’s most valuable resource
                    and its best hope for the future.”
                              John F. Kennedy

Rev. Nadine Weathersby
Youth & Family Staff Minister

Children 2 to 12 and Teens 13 to 18
Sundays at 9:45 am

Youth ministry is about so much more than entertainment for children or a teen social club. Specifically, Our Youth Ministry engages young people in their quest for who they are. We teach our youth that they are Divine Beings and empower them to reach for the stars.  
Our curriculum teaches our youth to express themselves, in a safe environment without criticism.  They also learn to meditate, vision, and embrace their own uniqueness.   It helps them understand their true value, gain confidence, become leaders, and truly impact the world.

Our Youth and Family Ministry isn’t just about the children; it’s also about partnering with parents to support community involvement, i.e., feeding the unhoused and less fortunate in North Hollywood Park on the 4th Sunday of each month.


We offer service to children 2-12 and teens, 13-18, at 9:45 AM service only. They plan activities and have fun with inspirational Volunteers who love children and have exceptional track records in serving the youth. Rev. Nadine ensures that we are not missing out on elements that are critical to a healthy and effective youth ministry.  North Hollywood/CSL is known for establishing meaningful relationships between mature adults and our Youth.  We all work together on various fundraising projects to provide scholarships for the teens/tweens to attend Winter and Summer Spiritual Retreats.


In Summary, Youth ministry is eternally significant work as it provides opportunities for empowerment and growth. It gives the youth their own space in a safe environment with joy, creative activities, learning new skills, embracing compassion and being a light unto the world.

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