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Scientific Christian Mental Practice Class

with Dr. Mark Vierra

Seven Mondays beginning June 5th

Zoom Only - 6:30 to 8:00 PM

Part 2 - $150

Don’t worry if you didn’t take Part 1, Dr. Mark will catch you up on the first evening.

This remarkable class is based on Emma Curtis Hopkins’ book "Scientific Christian Mental Practice". Emma was known as the 'Teacher of Teachers' and was one of the major influences of our founder Ernest Holmes.

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We call metaphysics the Science of Support, because whoever studies the science finds his support coming to him in a new way, and he cannot come to actual want, no matter who would have failed if they had been put in his place. The prophecy of Jeremiah and of Isaiah comes to pass to whoever studies metaphysics without blundering in his reasonings. "Bread shall be given him, his waters shall be sure.”

We call metaphysics the Science of Defense or Protection, for no ill can come nigh the dwelling of one who puts his trust in the principle taught by this science.

- Emma Curtis Hopkins

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

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