Celebration Services at
9:45am and 11:30am.


Meditation begins at 6:50pm,
Service begins at 7:00pm.


 Rev. Dr. Mark Vierra, Senior Minister

Located at: 6161 Whitsett Ave.,  North Hollywood, CA 91606

Phone: 818-762-7566

Welcome to the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science, a spiritual community since 1953. We support those on their journey to find their connection to Spirit, learning to live from the center out, discovering and being inspired by the great wisdom taught by many of the world’s religious masters as presented by Ernest S. Holmes in his writings titled, "The Science of Mind."




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Interested in exploring the Sacred?  Join NHCRS as we travel the world exploring Sacred and Holy Lands, and experience the many pilgramages and years of devotion and faithfulness in and to the Sacred Life of Spirit within that the peoples of all generations and cultures have witnessed.  Visit:  www.crsspiritualadventures.com


with Dr. Mark Vierra and Diana Donaldson, R.Sc.P. – See our website below for information and photos of previous trips.  Please go to www.crsspiritualadventures.com




September 3-12, 2015 – Rome, Florence, Assisi, Venice

Private tour of the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel, Coliseum, Cooking class, Olive Oil tasting, the Mysticism of St. Francis of Assisi and tons more.  If you’ve never been on a Spiritual Pilgrimage with Dr. Mark and Rev. Marcia it is the experience of a lifetime.  Call 818-762-7566 X204 or www.pilgrimages.com/sutton for more information.

Join us for an adventure as we enter the healing circuits of the Divine .  All necessary information can be obtained at Church, on the web, or by contacting each party listed above: Diana Donaldson, RScP, or:  Marcia Sutton  Call 818-762-7566 X204.  (contact information on weblink above)

Bulletin Board

Here is an article from our very own Scott Vance, RScP that appeared in the "Science of Mind Magazine" recently:

Read the Featured Article Here!


Wednesday Night Services

Wednesday Evening: August 26th

"Putting It to Rest"

What if we could put our monsters to bed rather than being afraid of them hiding underneath it?  Join Rev. Marc as he explores "Putting it to Rest", proposing that facing the illusory phantoms that our fears, hurts, and resentments truly are can bring us a peace that battling them never can.

Musical inspiration provided by Music Director Sam Kriger  and Soloist Susan Kay Wyatt.

Meditation: 6:50 PM   Service: 7:00 PM    See you there!



We believe that with God all things are possible. We embrace all faiths and traditions and welcome you on your spiritual journey.

Prayer Requests

Have a specific need that you would like to have our licensed Practitioners pray for you about?  Click Here! 

or prayer@nhcrs.org


If you would like prayer for an animal companion you may submit your prayer request to:  akm@nhcrs.org  


Gourmets for God

 What is Gourmets for God?  Find out about it here

See a calendar of events here (click on the word here).  Bidding has closed but you are invited to check on the patio to see if there are still spots open to attend events that appeal to you!

Or you may download the auction booklet in pdf form 2015 Auction Booklet here.


A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles facilitated by Muriel Guilbaud, RScP. This ongoing class meets in the Youth Center Tuesdays, 7:30 to 9pm. Click here for the group.

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The North Hollywood Church of Religious Science
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